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If you've been searching for your old Body Electric health product favorites like Pristine oral hygiene formula, Le Visage facial oils and others, we think you'll be pleased to learn that we've reformulated some of these greats using organic herbals and oils.  The end products have been nothing short of amazing.

Remember learning that our nerves are like power lines running all over our body?  And the messages between nerve cells are sent by way of "electrical messengers"? 

If the whole body is a giant sack of electrolytes, whose primary purpose is to bathe the cells in a fluid that is "electrically" active - then all the reactions that occur in the cell and human body are electrical in nature.

These facts must be considered when designing vitamins, minerals or herbal products - as high energy foods increase our own subtle electrical fields.  Research indicates that nutrition with a frequency of over 72 MHz can increase our body's electrical energy.  Conversely, foods below 72 MHz drain the body's power reserve. (Processed foods barely reach 10 to 30 MHz).

We feel this collection of high frequencied nutrition has taken the electrical characteristics of the human body into consideration and has given us the tools to upgrade our health to perhaps outstanding levels. But you be the judge of that . . .


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Client Testimonials
“I love the Rosehip Renew.  Use it on my face and my skin 'feels' stronger.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!  I used to get facials, but no longer do because I just don't feel i need them.  My skin is beautiful from the Rosehip Renew.  I think I'll get the Bonita for my nails and keep that precious Rosehip for my face.  I do rub it into my hands and nails a bit after I put it on my face, but for regular use on my nails once that Barielle cream is gone, I'll use the Bonita.  I also like the fact that you have a cleanser and a toner, etc. for my face.  When I finish what I have, that's what I'll replace my regimen with.  I currently use Avalon Organic Botanicals, but I just have a feeling your products are better."  Laura Cox, CT
“I saw this product in your catalogue and I thought I would give it a try.  Well, let me tell you, I absolutely fell in love with Bonita!  It makes my skin so smooth and soft!  It is the best base for your makeup; believe me, I have tried the dramatically different (and dramatically expensive) lotions from the cosmetic counter at the department stores and they don't work as awesomely as your oil does.  Bonita leaves my face so silky and moisturized that my makeup always looks even and natural.  I look forward to trying your other beauty products.”  Claudia Flores, TX
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